The Slider Window and Door

The slider features two or more horizontal sadhes on rollers at
the bottom for swift and smooth sideways movement on
tracks. Easy to open and close, the slider promotes air-
Ocirculation and presents a panoramic view. These windows
blend perfectly with contemporary architecture.

The Casement Window and Door

The casement window and door feature sashes attached to the
frame by hinges. Casement styled windows are hinged on the
side and can either swing inward or outward configured point
locking systems and friction stay that ensures the window
remain open in fixed position even in the face of stiff breeze.
Casement Doors are equipped with hook locks and 3D hinges
which ensure smooth operation.

The Villa Window

Galaxy UPVC World has integrated a grill and bug mesh in the new
Villa window, the world’s first casement that combines the traditional
window design with the advantages of UPVC. The grill enhances
security whereas the mesh enables ventilation without the threat of
mosquitoes entering the home.

The Tilt and Turn Window

The Tilt and the Turn windows combine state of the art window design
with a clean, classic style. This European style windows has two
distinct functions, swing it like a door or tilt it at the top. The window also
creates an outstanding architecturals feature.

The Slide & Fold Door

Nothing looks or works better in rooms overlooking gardens
and terraces. Galaxy UPVC World Slide and Fold door can
elegantly and effortlessly connect your inside space with the
environment you and your view. The panels of the doors can
be configured with multiple panels for large openings and
can fold smoothly to one side.

The Lift and Slide Door

The door glides back and forth on feather touch rollers.
The sealing too is far better than conventional sliders.
The expansive glass pane (without any cross-members)
provides a panoramic view of the horizon, integrating the
indoors with the outdoors. It’s areal work of art.


It adds both an aesthetic and functional feature

At the cosmetic level, the Galaxy upvc world Window trim makes a
customized design statement, adding a flourish to an existing
window. At the functional level, the embellishment covers up scars
inthe masonry around the window.

Trims are of three types :
Large Trim
Small Trim
Quad Trim

Bug Mesh

Often, windows are Kept closed – day and night – for fear of insects
and mosquitoes. Obviously, closed windows block much needed

fresh air.

Galaxy upvc world comes three bug mesh options :

Pull Down

Each mesh allows you to keep the windows open for ventilation
without letting insects mosquitoes into your home.

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